Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's try this again

Ok, now that I'm back into knitting, I'd love to have a space to show off some of my work without loading down my family or personal blog. Sure, this is personal, but not everyone wants to read about my knitting.

I am really excited. This summer I decided that it was time to take up knitting again. I've completed a few projects and I'm ready to start working on some other UFOs.

The first thing - and what got me back into having fun with knitting - is this beauty (above). This is called Coachella and is available for free from Knitty. I was knitting it to wear on our 7th anniversary, but it didn't get finished b/c I had to frog it up all the way to above the join. The short row shaping is NOT necessary with the Phoenix Bamboo yarn. It has plenty of give, even if you are well endowed. I'm glad I ripped it out b/c now I'm actually really pleased with it. This was a fun, easy top for me to get back into knitting with. I did need to make some changes, but luckily I found a good review on Ravelry prior to making it. Someone else used this yarn and made some changes that I followed. Find my list of changes here. Now to just lose some weight to get rid of the pudge. I'm working on that now.

The next thing I worked on was the newsboy cap from Stitch n' Bitch Nation using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I made this for a craft swap on a forum I frequent. The recipient says she likes it. I love it, but the color wouldn't be good for me. Dark green just isn't my color apparently.

I'll make another post of the sweater I made for my son. He hates it apparently since when I tried to get him to try it on he threw a royal fit (remind me why we keep 2 year olds around again?). Alas, no pictures. I ended up adapting it too, but I'll talk about that once I can convince him to let momma take some pictures.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

That time of year...

...when knitting goes to the backburner and parties, gift buying and incoming family take priority. Yeah, I know....I'm a bad, bad knitter. I don't knit gifts for my family anymore. No one seemed to appreciate it anyway. I'm tired of making something and them not taking care of it or not thanking me or acknowledging that I took time and effort into not only creating the gift, but also in considering what exactly was the perfect thing for them and what yarn and what color. So....I'm over it. No more for me. This year at least.

I'm really excited because I hear there is a snb group forming at the lys. I need to get some more info, but from what I hear it's going to be on Thursday evenings. I'm really happy about that. Maybe I'll start getting more done and enjoying it more. Of course, I won't be able to join until Feb. or so since my schedule is pretty much packed until then, but I have something to look forward to at least.

I just got a new camera and once I have a memory stick I'll take a pic of the votive sleeve I made. It's actually really pretty and looks great with the candle lit. Hopefully they will sell when I start making them for that purpose. It'd be nice to have a little income. Finding a job here is impossible. That's ok though. Dh is really supportive and doesn't mind that I'm not working. It helps that our house sold and we are down to one mortgage. We can afford for me not to work now. YAY!!! I do keep myself busy though. It's not like I sit around all day eating bon-bons and watching soaps. I'm involved in belly dancing and OSA stuff and a stamping group not to mention keeping up the house and grocery shopping and feeding my husband.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Going to try to get this started again!

Ok, I'm going to do my best to get this started again. I am finally beginning to start knitting again. It's been a while since I've done anything, but I've got so much yarn and so many UFOs that I really need and want to do some. I need the relaxation of it again too. Before I left FL I was working on a green cabled cotton hoodie from YGG: Beyond the Basics. I think this will be great in the spring here. I want to do some other things too.

I'm starting to make some votive sleeves out of wire and beads. I'm modifying the pattern a bit so that I can sell them. I may start making them to fit around Yankee candles too. I've got some cool ideas. Hopefully that will be something I can do to make a little money. I think they are really pretty and I've had people ask me to make some, but haven't ever knit for pay before. It's not like they take a long time or are terribly expensive to make, so I'm not worried about losing money. Most things I knit cost more than I would EVER consider spending if I were to just buy it in the store, but they are so worth it.

Let's hope I can keep up with this blog this time. I need to start writing more anyway. I'm missing writing papers weekly for school.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Ok, it's been a long time. It's been really crazy lately. I've been working lots, well, except for last week, and school has been crazy. Last week I went for a Box family vacation. My parents took all of us to DC and Williamsburg, VA for 9 days. They rock. We had a blast. There were 12 of us there. I got lots of good pictures and will post some soon. I went to a couple of yarn stores too while I was gone. I got enough Blue Sky Alpaca for the herringbone poncho from last minute knitted gifts from Knit Happens in DC. Kristine, the owner, was very nice and she has a lovely shop. She went above and beyond the call of duty to find out how much yarn I would need for the project. I also got a Fiddlesticks pattern for a great lace triangle scarf and the yarn to make it. I don't recall exactly what that is right now, but it's gorgeous.

I also went to Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. They carry a lot of the same yarn we have in the store, so I didn't buy any yarn there, but I did get this cute black sheep keychain. They were really nice too.

I loved our vacation. We got lots of wine from the Williamsburg Winery (we took a tour and did a wine tasting), some awesome oxyx goblets from the Museum of Natural History, and lots of wonderful memories. I'm really excited about putting together our video and me doing my first scrapbook. At least I want to do one, we'll see if that actually happens.

Ok, must go. I've gotta figure out my paper for the week and start a baby gift for my friend Amy, who just had her first daughter Dorie. Congrats David and Amy!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm a bad blogger...

I have been bad about blogging these past few weeks. It's been crazy at work and school and just in the world, am I right? Praise God, my hubby is home. He came home early Monday morning about 1:30 am. I was so glad to see him come home and I am so proud of him. He saved 63 lives! There are 63 people living today, who may not have been if it were not for my wonderful husband.

Ok, on to knitting...yesterday I bought enough yarn for three projects from the new Louisa Harding line. I'm going to be doing the seed stitch hat, the impressions hat and the sweater vest. I don't usually use the recommended yarn for a project, much less the same color, but they actually used MY colors. The only one I'm not doing in the same color is the impressions hat. I'm using a brown/gold colorway for that one. I wanted something more neutral. I'm hoping to have them all done before my trip to NY. The hats I want done for DC (23 days, but who's counting?).

I still haven't been able to use any of it. I've got to work on swatches for a series of classes I have on Sunday. My boss is paying one of the teachers to come in and teach us the finishing classes for free. She rocks! I've got 9 swatches down, a million to go. Ok, so not quite a million, but there sure are a lot of them.

I would love to pull out my knitting right now, but I'm stuck in a project mgmt class. ugh. my instructor thinks i'm typing notes. Ok, I think he's catching on now. Guess I better go!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. This has been a rough week for so many in the area and I know the rough times will continue on for much longer than it will be remembered on the news.

My wonderful husband is one of the Coast Guard pilots being sent to aid in the search and rescue (SAR) process and is one of the many unsung heros of this tragedy. While there are many negative things being reported, i.e. looting, there are just as many, if not more, stories of those who are helping their neighbors and those victimized by the events. Pictures at the top are of a Airsta Clearwater Jayhawk during a rescue. This is not Zach, as he is on his way there today to relieve other pilots. This is what he will likely be doing though. I LOVE YOU HONEY!!! I am so proud of you!

Being a good ol' southern girl, I will miss the wonderful cities of New Orleans and Biloxi. I have many fond memories of both places. I'm sure they will both be rebuilt, but many of the historical locales have been destroyed. My prayers are especially with the homeless children left with no place to go.

I am so proud of the great country we live in and continually impressed by the aid that has been sent to offer whatever help they may. I am disheartened by the article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that has turned this tragedy into a political platform. While he may very well have some footing to stand on (I do not know, I embarrasingly don't know much about the issue), this was NOT the time to bring this up. Shame on you, Robert Kennedy, for turning this tragic week into your political pressbox.

On knitting....
I'm halfway finished with my mom's shawl. I've discovered I love lace patterns. They are challenging, yet surprisingly fast. This one is at least. I'm not using fingering wt. yarn or anything, I'm using DB merino dk in what I have been calling "sophisticated pink". It is supposed to end up being 18" x 60" when blocked, but at this point it is only 20" long. Does anyone know if it will block that much? or will it lose effect? Hmm...this may be a question for craftster. I'll wait til I'm finished though.

Ok, I better get on to school.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yet another....

ok, so I'm addicted...I LOVE starting new projects. It's so much fun to pick out that next pattern and the yarn, then to cast on...several rows in, you can actually start to see the beginnings of the pattern. I just started a shawl for my mom. I had bought some turquoise stork months ago to try to figure out a pattern to make one for her. I've never made anything for her. I don't know why. I think I'm just such a perfectionist and that there will be something wrong that I don't want to give it to anyone. I don't do well with that. And I think my mom deserves the best. I love her so much, and I don't want to give her anything that isn't perfect.

I also started the front of Zach's sweater on Saturday. I can't believe I'm actually starting the other side. Hopefully I'll get it finished before we go to NYC at Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to get my mom's shawl done before our trip to DC too.

Ok, enough talking, more knitting....