Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. This has been a rough week for so many in the area and I know the rough times will continue on for much longer than it will be remembered on the news.

My wonderful husband is one of the Coast Guard pilots being sent to aid in the search and rescue (SAR) process and is one of the many unsung heros of this tragedy. While there are many negative things being reported, i.e. looting, there are just as many, if not more, stories of those who are helping their neighbors and those victimized by the events. Pictures at the top are of a Airsta Clearwater Jayhawk during a rescue. This is not Zach, as he is on his way there today to relieve other pilots. This is what he will likely be doing though. I LOVE YOU HONEY!!! I am so proud of you!

Being a good ol' southern girl, I will miss the wonderful cities of New Orleans and Biloxi. I have many fond memories of both places. I'm sure they will both be rebuilt, but many of the historical locales have been destroyed. My prayers are especially with the homeless children left with no place to go.

I am so proud of the great country we live in and continually impressed by the aid that has been sent to offer whatever help they may. I am disheartened by the article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that has turned this tragedy into a political platform. While he may very well have some footing to stand on (I do not know, I embarrasingly don't know much about the issue), this was NOT the time to bring this up. Shame on you, Robert Kennedy, for turning this tragic week into your political pressbox.

On knitting....
I'm halfway finished with my mom's shawl. I've discovered I love lace patterns. They are challenging, yet surprisingly fast. This one is at least. I'm not using fingering wt. yarn or anything, I'm using DB merino dk in what I have been calling "sophisticated pink". It is supposed to end up being 18" x 60" when blocked, but at this point it is only 20" long. Does anyone know if it will block that much? or will it lose effect? Hmm...this may be a question for craftster. I'll wait til I'm finished though.

Ok, I better get on to school.

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